C1 for PUBG Mobile Phone Gaming Trigger RGB


About this item

1. Long-lasting battery life: 15 hours of continuous combat. The built-in battery has a capacity of 180mAh, long battery life, and fast charging via the Type-C interface.
2. Bluetooth-compatible 5.0 fast connection: Equipped with Bluetooth-compatible technology to achieve a smooth gaming experience, no lag, fast connection, and no lag.
3. High-precision 3D joystick, smooth and boundless: The solid joystick brings smoother and finer movement and better steering and steering experience.
4. Double side button design, multi-finger linkage: Side buttons can be set arbitrarily, multi-finger linkage, easy duel. One-click bursts to activate the fighting power of the index finger. The side buttons of the handle can be used to fire/open the mirror, making it easier to complete more convenient and flexible three-finger operations.
5. Anti-slip silicone pad design, does not hurt the phone: Gently clip, non-slip and do not hurt the phone. Support mobile phones and tablets with a thickness of less than 14mm.

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