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Carlitos Way: Rise To Power Sony PSP UMD Movie Video (Used)


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About this item:

Carlito’s Way: Rise To Power is a prequel to the classic crime drama Carlito’s Way, set in the late 1960s in Spanish Harlem. The film follows the rise of a young Carlito Brigante (played by Jay Hernandez) as he becomes embroiled in the world of organized crime.

As he gains power and influence, Carlito must navigate the complex web of alliances and rivalries that define the criminal underworld. Along the way, he encounters a cast of memorable characters, including his best friend Earl (played by Mario Van Peebles) and the ruthless gangster Hollywood Nicky (played by Sean Combs).

Filled with tense action sequences and gripping drama, Carlito’s Way: Rise To Power is a thrilling crime story that expands on the world of the original film. This Sony PSP UMD Movie Video allows fans of the franchise to experience the gritty atmosphere and complex characters on the go, whether it’s on a long trip or during a quiet night in.


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