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Charging Cable for PS3 Controller


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About this item

To charge a PS3 controller, you’ll need a USB cable with a mini USB connector on one end and a standard USB Type-A connector on the other end. This cable is commonly referred to as a “charging lead cable” or simply a “PS3 controller cable.”

You can find these cables at various electronics or gaming stores, or you can purchase them online from retailers such as Amazon, eBay, or other similar websites. When searching for the cable, make sure it specifically mentions compatibility with the PS3 controller.

Once you have the cable, you can connect one end of it to the mini USB port on the PS3 controller and the other end to a power source, such as a USB port on your computer, a USB wall adapter, or a USB charging station. The controller will start charging when connected, and the LED lights on the controller should indicate the charging status.

It’s worth noting that the PS3 controller uses a mini USB connection, while newer PlayStation controllers, such as the ones for PS4 or PS5, use a different USB connection type. Therefore, ensure you have the correct cable for the PS3 controller.



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