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El Pacto de los Lobos UMD Video (Used)


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About this item:

El Pacto de los Lobos (The Brotherhood of the Wolf) is a historical action-horror film set in 18th century France. The film follows the story of a young naturalist named Fronsac (played by Samuel Le Bihan) and his Native American companion Mani (played by Mark Dacascos) as they investigate a series of mysterious killings attributed to a supernatural beast in the French countryside.

As they delve deeper into the investigation, Fronsac and Mani uncover a sinister conspiracy involving a secret society, political intrigue, and the manipulation of fear. Along the way, they encounter a variety of memorable characters, including the beautiful noblewoman Marianne (played by Emmanuelle Béart) and the ruthless, sword-wielding bounty hunter Jean-François (played by Vincent Cassel).

El Pacto de los Lobos offers a thrilling blend of historical drama, horror, and martial arts action, making it a unique and entertaining viewing experience. This UMD video allows fans of the film to enjoy its stunning visuals and action-packed sequences on the go, whether it’s on a long trip or during a quiet night in.


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