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XBOX Console Classic 2001 Model


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About this item:

The XBOX Classic Console from 2001 is a retro gaming console that’s perfect for fans of classic video games. This particular model comes with the original box, making it a great collector’s item. The XBOX Classic Console features a unique design and is compatible with a wide range of classic XBOX games. It also includes a controller for a complete gaming experience. The console is easy to set up, with simple plug-and-play functionality, and features a built-in DVD player, so you can watch movies and TV shows as well. The XBOX Classic Console is a great choice for anyone who wants to relive the classic gaming experience from the early 2000s, or for anyone who wants to add to their collection of vintage gaming consoles.

What’s included:

1: Xbox classic 2001 model machine x 1
2: Xbox classic controller wired x 1
3: Xbox classic av cable x 1
4: Xbox classic power cable x 1
No box included



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