At Generation Games we really care for the customer’s needs.
Goods bought within 3 days of the original purchase customers can exchange the product with no extra cost or hidden charges.

Shipping charges will be borne by the customer to and from the destination.

Just give us a call as soon as you receive the product and inform us before the whole process goes.

The product should be unused and if new product seals shouldn’t be opened and return or exchange should be made as received.

Return and Refund for Digital Products:
The Digital Products we sell usually don’t come under the return policy, until you are getting any problems with the products sold to you by Generation Games.

  1. No return policy: Some digital products, such as software or digital downloads, may not be eligible for returns due to the nature of the product
  2. Limited return policy: Generation Games may offer a limited return policy, allowing customers to return a digital product within a certain timeframe if the product if giving any issues, typically within 30 days of purchase.
  3. Refund or exchange: In some cases, Generation Games may offer a refund or exchange for a digital product that is defective or does not meet the advertised specifications.
  4. Exceptional circumstances: In exceptional circumstances, such as if the customer accidentally purchased the wrong product or if there was an error in the order, Generation Games may offer a refund or exchange.
  5. Violation of terms of service: The return may be refused if the customer has violated the terms of service, such as sharing the product with unauthorized users or attempting to modify the product.

It’s essential to carefully read and understand the return policy before purchasing a digital product to avoid any confusion or disappointment later on.
Important Notice: At any point of time Generation Games reserves the right to refuse the claim without any explanation or prior notice.

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