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All-Star Baseball 2002 Nintendo GameCube

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A simulation title, All-Star Baseball 2002 provides the player with a host of gameplay modes, including Batting Practice, Home Run Derby, All-Star Game, Season, Series, Exhibition, and Quick Play. The inclusion of the official MLB license ensures that all 30 Major League teams and associated players are found in the game as well as the accompanying stadiums for each team, replete with real-time scoreboards and unique stadium features. Weather, sky, and time of day can be set and include options such as twilight, snow, and storms.

A cornucopia of statistics and rosters awaits the player, complemented by robust create-a-player and fantasy draft options. Season Awards, such as the Golden Glove and Rookie of the Year, are awarded during the course of a regular season. Play by play commentary is provided by Bob Brenly and Thom Brennaman. Classic uniforms for each club are available and past greats of the game are included.

When pitching, up to six different types of pitches can be selected. A cursor-based batting system is implemented with options to choose power or contact swing types. The former makes it harder to connect with a pitch, but has a greater chance of going out of the stadium if it does, while the latter won’t net as many home runs, but will make it easier to connect with the ball. Additionally, the game features over 1500 player animations and future throw technology, allowing for smooth catch and throw animations.


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