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Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding – Xbox Classic


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About this item:

Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding for Xbox Classic is a snowboarding game released in 2001. The game features realistic physics and controls, allowing players to perform a variety of tricks and maneuvers on their snowboards. It includes several game modes, including Freestyle, Career, and Multiplayer, as well as a Trick Creation mode that lets players create their own custom tricks.
Amped for Xbox Classic also features impressive graphics and sound, with detailed character models and realistic snow and weather effects. The game’s environments are inspired by real-world snowboarding locations, including Alaska, Utah, and Colorado.
Overall, Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding for Xbox Classic is a great snowboarding game that provides an immersive and challenging snowboarding experience. It’s a must-play for fans of the sport and snowboarding game enthusiasts alike.

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