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Bus Simulator 2023 : City Driver – Ps5 (Digital Game)


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Prepare to embark on the thrilling adventure of a lifetime as you assume the role of a skilled bus driver, navigating through the bustling city and ensuring passengers reach their destinations on time!
Roam freely across an expansive and meticulously crafted open-world map, complete with the vibrant ambiance of a modern metropolis. Uncover uncharted territories as you crisscross the city streets. From stop to stop, pick up eager passengers to boost your earnings and witness your profits soar to new heights! The more passengers you serve, the bigger the rewards you’ll reap!
Unlock a remarkable fleet of 17 unique buses, each possessing its own distinct attributes, including speed, passenger capacity, and performance.

• Explore a vast and meticulously crafted open-world map
• Choose from a collection of 17 unique buses
• Experience intelligent and dynamic pedestrian and car AI
• Marvel at high-quality graphics that bring the city to life
• Feel the realism of bus physics and intuitive controls
• Enjoy a user-friendly interface

Jump on board now in Bus Simulator 2023: City Driver!

Method :

1:Order/Pay and share screen shot on given WhatsApp numbers 03337099990/03370441802

2:We will share account email password along with the verification code..

3:Done Enjoy and play !

How to add the account to your ps5:

Steps for adding PSN account
1:Make a new user/Get started
2:Add new account and password
3:Enter the given verification code

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