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Don Bradman Cricket – PlayStation 4 (Digital Game)


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About this item:

  • Multiplayer
  • Online Play
  • Career Mode
  • Manual Appeal
  • Electronic Review System
  • Dynamic Weather and Pitch Degredation
  • Multiplayer Save System
  • Net Practice
  • Realistic Ball Physics
  • Complete Player Physics System

Method :

1:Order/Pay and share screen shot on given whatsapp numbers 03337099990/03370441802

2:We will share account email password along with the verification code..

3:Done Enjoy and play !

How to add the account to your ps4:

Steps for adding psn account
1:Make a new user
2:Add new account and password
3:Enter the given verification code

(All digital games bought from Generation Games are returnable, trade able, refundable for cash or for buying other stuff)


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