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  • Full Game + Season Pass + 2 Original Story Episodes + 1 New Story Arc.
  • Feel the ups and downs of Goku and all the other characters that keep you hooked all day long with the DragonBall Z Kakarot Deluxe Edition Game.It grips you from the get-go and lets you feel the intensity of every character. The game has breathtaking visuals that allow you to see even minute details with exceptional clarity. It offers a loud, clear sound that enables you to feel the punches that Goku lands on his enemies.
  • The never-before-seen story moments enable you to relive your childhood memories one more time. The game overwhelms you with all the positive emotions for an immersive experience. Thanks to the light-hearted side quests, the game keeps you hooked all day long. It answers all the burning questions around the Dragon Ball lore about Goku and all the other characters revolving around the plot.
  • The DRAGON BALL Z Kakarot Xbox game allows you to fight across vast battlefields with epic bosses that provide you with an enthralling experience. It tests your combat skills at every level and allows you to experience battles unlike ever before. This game allows you to rise to the challenge and increase your power with the utmost ease.


1:Order/Pay and share screen shot on given whatsapp numbers 03337099990/03370441802

2:We will share account email password along with the verification code.

3:Done Enjoy and play !

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1:Make a new user
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