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Final Fantasy XI – Xbox 360 (Used)


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About this item

  • Requires Xbox Live Connection
  • First MMORPG on Xbox 360: Players will connect to the same gaming world of the renowned Final Fantasy series. Retention of the same FF visual style and deep storylines that have become a staple of this series
  • PC and PS2 compatibility: Play in the same servers as the PC and PS2 owners. Jump straight into the action with thousands of other players!
  • A persistent world: More than 100 areas to explore including mountains, forests, ice plains, deserts, oceans, rivers, castles, and dungeons. Time and climate changes that range from full day/night cycles to desert sandstorms, thunderstorms, fog, and snow
  • Three starting nations: Players can partake in conquests to elevate their nation’s standing, missions to build their reputation within a nation, and special quests to discover useful items, new jobs, earn money, and uncover valuable information and discover more about the story of Vana’diel
  • Customizable characters: With a host of physical traits and jobs, gain the ability to equip and switch support jobs at any time to overcome any challenge
  • An accessible battle system: Experience a complex yet well-balanced battle system fit for beginners and experienced gamers alike allowing the performing of strategic attacks using magic, job abilities, and weapon skills
  • Smart control systems: Players will be able to play at their own pace and form parties by utilizing various integrated communication tools, including easy-to-use PlayOnline Chat and PlayOnline Mail
  • Expansion packs included: Includes Rise of the Zilart, Chains of Promathia and Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion packs containing 70 original areas, new jobs, items, mission scenarios and quests which will get you closer to solving the mystery of Vana’Diel


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