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Hitman Collection-PC (original)


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  • Hitman 1: Codename 47 – Plan each assignment carefully to account for a variety of weapons, surveillance data, and multiple paths to completion. Access black market weapons, decoys, traps, and personnel from an innovative currency reward system. Sharpen your skills through a comprehensive weapons and agility training session. Artificial intelligence that redefines the genre of the “Thinking Shooter.”
  • Hitman 2: Silent Assassin – Open-ended game play experience that allows you to balance surgical precision with visceral violent outbursts. Lethal arsenal at your disposal to make every kill an experience to savor. A deadly game of disguise allows you to assume the identity of your victims. Features in mission saves, selectable first and third person playable perspectives, and enhanced graphics.
  • Hitman Contracts: Travel the globe eliminating international terrorists and crime bosses from your hit list. Complete your mission objectives with a wider variety of tactical approaches. Improvise on the job, picking up environmental objects to use as weapons. Advanced enemy intelligence uses squad-based tactics to try to stop you. New silent weapons: stun gun, syringe, pool cue, meat hook, fire poker, and more. Increased assortment of firearms: assault rifles, sniper rifles, SMG’s, shotguns, handguns
  • Hitman Bloodmoney: Welcome to the USA Agent 47 is heading to the U.S. making deadly stops in iconic locales such as Las Vegas, New Orleans, Los Angeles and Mississippi. All-New Game Engine Now with a number of new moves including the ability to create accidents and to dispose of bodies as well as a re-vamped NPC and AI system, the world of being an assassin has never been more realistic. New Blood Money System Use your hard-earned cash to bribe the press, keep your picture out of the morning paper. Or you can customize and upgrade your weapons to match your personal style of assassination. The choice is up to you. Assassin Rivalry Agent 47 is up against a rival agency of assassins competing to take out high-priced targets, and may even become the primary target himself. New Online Stat System Allows players to post stats in a variety of different skills and feats. Compare and compete with other players around the world. Rookie Training New to the world of assassinations? New rookie mode and levels of difficulty will give you all the training needed. Environmental Danger Drop a priceless chandelier or use a remote bomb all new accident system allows for more freedom in choosing the method for taking out the target.
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