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Nintendo Switch (Zelda) Carrying Case | bag


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About this item

  • Embark on a new adventure with the Nintendo Switch Zelda Carrying Case inspired by “The Legend of Tears of the Kingdom.” Let the captivating imagery from the game adorn your case as you journey through a realm of emotions and mysteries.Key Features:
    1. Epic Design: Showcase your devotion to “The Legend of Tears of the Kingdom” with a carrying case featuring stunning artwork from the game. Carry the essence of the story with you wherever you go.
    2. Unwavering Protection: Crafted for durability, this case offers robust defense for your Nintendo Switch console. Whether you’re unraveling secrets or battling foes, your gear will stay secure and intact.
    3. Tailored Fit: The interior compartments of the case are meticulously designed to house your Nintendo Switch console, Joy-Cons, and accessories flawlessly. The cushioned padding ensures a snug fit, preventing any movement during travel.
    4. Ample Storage: Beyond the console compartment, the case provides ample space for essential accessories such as Joy-Con straps, charging cables, game cartridges, and more. Keep everything organized for your heroic journey.
    5. Effortless Portability: With an adjustable shoulder strap, carrying your console becomes an effortless task. Take your Nintendo Switch with you, whether you’re embarking on a quest or joining fellow adventurers.
    6. Secure Closure: The dual-zipper closure grants quick access to your Nintendo Switch while safeguarding it when not in use. The zippers are designed for smooth operation and long-lasting performance.
    7. Official Zelda Merchandise: This officially licensed product assures the quality and attention to detail that “The Legend of Zelda” franchise is known for.


    • Nintendo Switch console (standard or Lite)
    • Joy-Con controllers (attached or detached)
    • Game cartridges
    • Joy-Con straps
    • Charging cables and adapter
    • Headphones or earbuds


    • Exterior: [Dimensions in inches/centimeters]
    • Interior Console Compartment: [Dimensions in inches/centimeters]
    • Additional Pockets and Pouches: [Dimensions in inches/centimeters]



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