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Oivo PlayStation 5 Cooling Station


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  • Efficient Vertical Cooling Station: The Playstation 5 console stand is built in 2 powerful cooling fans, boosting the performance of your PS5 console. The playstation 5 cooling station pulls out the hot air from PS5 console bottom and dissipate the heat in all directions. What a efficient cooling station for PS5 Digital Edition and Disc Edition console.
  • High-Speed Controller Chargers: The PS5 cooling station equips with 2 charging dock on the the stand, quickly charging one or two PS5 controllers in 2 hours simultaneously. Due to the built-in 2-hour Fast charging chip, LED will take about a minute to turn red for the initial charge. LED indicators on the side display the charging status, red light for charging and green light for full charged or standby status.

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