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PXN Racing Wheel Stand for Logitech G920, G29, G923 Driving Force Gaming Steering Wheel

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About this item:

The PXN Racing Wheel Stand is designed to be compatible with Logitech G920, G29, and G923 Driving Force Gaming Steering Wheels. It is a sturdy and adjustable stand that allows gamers to experience a more realistic and immersive driving experience. The stand is made of high-quality materials and features a fully adjustable steering wheel mount, pedal plate, and gear shifter mount.

The stand is easy to assemble and disassemble, making it a great option for gamers who need to store their setup when not in use. It also features a foldable design that makes it easy to transport to different locations.

Overall, the PXN Racing Wheel Stand is a great choice for gamers who want to take their driving games to the next level. It is compatible with some of the most popular steering wheels on the market and is built to last.



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