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Universal Studios Theme Park Adventure Nintendo Gamecube

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  • Universal Studios: Theme Park Adventure offers a total of nine mini-games, six of which are based upon some of the park’s most famous rides, including Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, Jaws, The Wild Wild West, Backdraft, and E.T. Adventure. Woody Woodpecker is the tour guide as players explore everything the park has to offer. To finish the adventure, players need to earn stamps by completing each mini-game.Jurassic Park begins with the movie’s famous T-Rex chase scene, requiring players to unload as many rounds of ammunition as possible (using a gun mounted on the back of the jeep) into the marauding beast. Other dinosaurs will also attack the player, including raptors and pterosaurs. Occasionally, players will be prompted to press a particular button to hold on as the jeep swerves and moves to a new section of jungle.

    Back to the Future finds players at the helm of the DeLorean as they chase Biff through time. The objective is to smash into his stolen DeLorean a number of times in order to stop him for good. Backdraft drops players into a fiery inferno, where they must save victims and put out fires. Jaws will periodically attack the Orca boat while players fend the famous shark off by tossing crates and barrels at it.

    E.T. Adventure is a side-scrolling bicycle race, with players navigating a series of obstacles to help the little alien return home safely. The Wild Wild West is a target shooting title against three computer opponents. From a first-person view, players move a cursor around the screen while shooting anything that pops into view. Each shootout takes place against a static backdrop. Once all targets are eliminated, the camera pans to the next area.


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